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put a seal on
your business

a trustworthy site to register your business transactions

Register, sign and share your business information through secured transactions using blockchain.

Reduce Costs with Polaris Tx

Reduce costs

Simplify the business relationship with clients and providers. Build a single source of truth network with them and reduce your bureaucracy costs.
Design your data with Polaris Tx

Optimize your data sharing

Design your own data structures for standardization and interoperability. Share your schemas with your partners and talk to them using the same language.
Certificate your information with Polaris Tx

Certify information

Sign digitally your transactions, query and exploit all registered data, extract useful information for decision making and certifications.

Digital registry as a service

Polaris Tx is a set of integrated on-cloud services that allows to register any kind of business transaction, pay-per-use. Access to information is available through several channels, among them API Rest and Web.

The information can be shared with third parties or publicly thanks to the integrated management of information security and visibility.

Interoperable data decentralized network

Polaris Tx allows you to design and implement your own data structures. Create and share the information schemas and ontologies defining your business, execute your transactions using your own schemas, and set in that way full interoperability with your clients and providers.

All the information is stored securely in a distributed and decentralized system, based on blockchain and file distribution technologies.

Integration layer

Scale the integration of your current systems and those of your partners using the Polaris Tx integration layer. By using multichannel streaming technology you can get bidirectional communication with the registry, which will allow you to send and request information on a real-time basis.

Implement complex supply chain management systems thanks to the Polaris Tx integration layer.

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